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We provide online courses to entrepreneurs and business owners on how to start and operate a pallet business.

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Why The Pallet Industry?

Benefits of This Business Model

Freight is moved globally by trains, planes, ships, trucks and cargo vans. A vast majority of all freight is shipped using one or multiple forms of shipping supplies.

  • Recession Proof
  • Uncomplicated
  • Lucrative
  • Freedom
  • Customers
  • Flexibility

What We Offer

Learn how to go from employee or student, to BOSS!

Are you tired of being an employee?

Do you dream of being your own boss?

Looking for a straightforward business model that makes money and is easy to do? You’re in the right place!

We provide online courses to entrepreneurs and business owners on how to start and operate a pallet business.

How to Be a Boss

Your first decision as a Boss is to purchase this course Now!

Are you currently working and making somebody else rich? There’s nothing more motivating than being devalued as an employee. Let’s face it, the money you desire can’t be earned by working for someone else.

Are you looking for a business model that’s not complicated? This is your opportunity! Our course is designed to simplify a road map to create and operate a pallet business and start making money TODAY!

There’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to do the pallet business. Mistakes in business can get costly if you aren’t prepared for them!

Our online course will help put you on the right path for creating generational wealth!

Trucking Company/ Small Fleet Owners

The best way to make money in trucking is by owning the freight.

Creating a pallet division within your trucking will get you closer to creating the generational wealth that you desire. Here’s 5 benefits of starting a pallet division:

  • No More Dealing with Freight Brokers
  • Lowers Insurance Costs
  • Reduces Fuel Costs
  • You already have the equipment
  • 90% of all your product is not only free but you get paid to remove it!

Course Pricing

The Pallet Business 101 Training Course

Original Cost: $1,198

  • Get the Course Today
  • Includes
  • 23 Course Modules
  • Downloaded PDF Document Samples
  • Unlimited Access to Course
  • Bonus: Access to Our Private FaceBook Group

We Have Everything To Make Your Business A Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Not!  The only person that works for free is a slave!  We teach you how to properly navigate this business model where you get paid to provide services for businesses.  Solving problems for businesses, are services that you should charge.  Unless you’re a non-profit business.  But this course is about creating a for profit pallet business.

You can do this business without owning a truck.  However, we don’t recommend it.  If you plan on buying a truck to do the business that’s great, but if you can’t afford to purchase a truck, there are ways you can still do the business. If you can’t afford the truck then I recommend waiting until you’re in a position to purchase a truck.  We discuss methods of purchasing a truck that can save you tons of money in the course.

No.  The course is information.  You must apply it and work it.  Money will not land in your lap once you complete this course.  You will have to follow the steps in the course.  Once you get your business setup it may take a few days but customers will start calling you!

Yes.  The great thing about this business model is that you can run it as a one-man operation or a team.  We teach you how to operate based on your capacity to maximize your profits.

Meet The Instructor

Learn from an instructor that actually owns both a trucking and pallet business!

Levon Hinton is the course instructor.  He has 16+ years of experience in the transportation industry with 5 years of owning a trucking company and a pallet business.  This course is packed full of industry knowledge.  What better way to learn!

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